Marina Pointe

The 580,000 square foot Marina Pointe 3 project in Marina Del Rey, California encompasses 450 residential apartment units, overlooking the Marina Del Rey bay. The exterior skin of this 18 story structure included almost 190,000 square feet of glazing, in a custom designed aluminum glazing system, and approximately 80,000 square feet of 1/8” formed aluminum panels. Over 600 aluminum sliding glass doors and 900 aluminum concealed vent awning windows were also integrated into the building envelope.

Each floor of the building is made up of fifty five individual frame configurations. Although the appearance of the building suggests that a curtain wall framing system was used, each floor utilizes custom designed window wall framing to allow for the maximum predicted seismic floor drift of 3”. The specially designed slab edge joint also allowed for construction tolerances, building “creep” and live load deflection.

Architect: GMP Architects Santa Monica, California, USA

General Contractor: Swinerton Builders Los Angeles, California, USA

Glazing Contractor: Woodbridge Glass, Tustin, California, USA