Design Build

In the world of construction, it is of immense benefit to the Design Team to have a partnership with a competent subcontractor that can continually be depended upon to provide expert advice, the insight of experience, professional product knowledge, innovative solutions, useful value engineering and the integrity to stand behind a quality installation. A strong affiliation with a knowledgeable, electronically savvy subcontractor—which can provide a broad spectrum of design and engineering assistance—is a necessity in this high-speed, high-tech world. A well-informed collaborator can contribute significantly to the operational ability, project performance and the profitability of all involved.

Woodbridge/Werner is such a partner. Having successfully completed a myriad of projects in California over the past 36 years, our project development staff has gained substantial experience in the design and engineering of systems to accommodate seismic, live load, thermal and wind load movement under extreme conditions. Our in-house design and engineering staff accelerates the project development process for products such as: unitized curtain walls; tall single span curtain walls; window walls; punched and operable windows and complex undulating curved sloped glazed walls.